*OLD* Object Overload- Episode 2 - A Shocking Addition

*OLD* Object Overload- Episode 2 - A Shocking Addition

A Shocking Addition is the second episode of Object Overload.


Clock Spoilers incoming!

The following below contains spoilers about Object Overload or it's reboot. Please don't read if you wish not to be spoiled. Please watch the episode(s) if you have not seen them yet.

Cold open

The episode starts with Boombox and Toothy in a conversation about the final three of the contest in The End of the Beginning. Boombox says that he* kicked the ball and it aimed to Toothy during the challenge. Boombox says that he affaired to a "crying baby." Toothy tells Boombox that he* knows that he* is talking to him, which Boombox says that he* is, saying that he* is just telling him how awesome he* is.

Clock Spoilers end here

If you have seen this episode already, then you are able to read what's above. Thanks for watching out for spoilers; we try to make sure people new to Object Overload watch the show before reading any spoilers.


  • This is the only episode in the original series where Dusty is voiced by Niall, as this is the first episode where Dusty had a line.
  • This is the only episode so far in which Melony doesn't die.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Doorway of Life.
  • This episode aslo marks the first time Dusty, Snowglobe and Disc had lines.
    • Adam Katz and Eddie Kingston were not vocing Dusty and Disc (respectively) yet. Taylor Grodin, however, voices Snowglobe in that episode and onward.


  • The plains is shown a split second before the intro plays. This may have been intended to be a part of a scene that never made it into the episode.
  • At a couple of times Pearly is one of the people who are going to guide, but when she got out of the maze, she is blind folded. That means that Marble was guiding Pearly, when it was supposed to be vice versa.
  • When Clock chooses Cherry, Casey, Popcorn, Crayon, and Picture, Dusty, Globe, Candy, and Snowglobe are not in the order in which they are picked from first to last, but rather from last to first.
  • When Gamey points at the contestants in a scene, Clock quickly changes into Snowglobe due to a placing error, because Clock is supposed to be the one who guide his pair in the maze.
    • At the same time Clock changes into Snowglobe, Paper Airplane appears from thin air in the corner of the screen.
  • At 7:20, the floor seems to be breaking apart, making the mountains look as if they are floating in midair.