Locky Cut from the show

Disc is about something that has been cut or replaced. They might have been removed from the reboot or from another episode.

Disc is a male contestant in Object Overload.


Disc is a carefree contestant, not caring much for anyone except Ping Pong Ball, whom he is best friends with. He just lives along with life in the easiest ways possible.


  • There is another Disc in Object Madness, but both of them are different; the other Disc is not canon on the OO series.
  • When Disc screams, his scream is similar to Blocky from BFDI.
  • The End of the Beginning is the only episode where Disc never spoke.
  • Disc may be actually composed of plastic and aluminum and not vinyl, as shown in Branching Out when he smashed on the flagpole and shattered.
  • He is the first Team Tune member to be eliminated.
  • Disc's name is often misspelled as Disk by fans.
  • Disc is one of the four characters who got cut from the reboot.
    • This makes him the only eliminated contestant to be cut from the reboot.