Lighter and Tissue are partners in the second episode.

This article focuses on the interactions of Lighter and Tissue. They usually had conflicts with each other ever since Lighter betrayed Tissue.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

The End of the Beginning: Tissue bumps into Lighter, which burns Tissue. In the challenge, Lighter grabs Tissue and tells him hello. Tissue kicks Lighter, causing both to fall of the podium.

A Shocking Addition: Lighter was partnered with Tissue. In the challenge, Lighter orders Tissue to go left, or else he would kill him. Tissue goes left, and is killed by the electric fences. Later, A burnt Tissue is being held by Lighter. Lighter tells Tissue, who is dead, that the challenge with them both would be fun, and he rips Tissue.

Set in Stone: In the cold open, Lighter is taunted by Tissue, causing him to throw a glass shard at him, which Tissue dodges. After the elimination, Tissue says that things are going to be better without Lighter.

Rostrum Rampage - Lighter holds Tissue over the fire coming from him when everyone is arguing on who is a team captain.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

Lost and Found: At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Lighter and Tissue were friends once.