Paper Airplane (PA for short) is a male contestant in Object Overload and it's reboot.


Paper Airplane is a massive daredevil, being determined and ready to win for both Team Tune and his alliance-mates. However, he feels a bit shy about things like cliff diving before doing it.


Unlike the other contestants, Paper Airplane can normally fly without needing anything. For extra distance, he will do a running start, such as when he did so as an attempt to go over the gap in Branching Out, or when Fly Swat suggested that he and Paper Airplane need a running start to get extra distance. Despite this, however, Toothy, Coney, and Fly Swat can take over his ability to fly.


  • Despite his ability to fly in the series, in real life, paper airplanes glide, not fly.
  • He is the only armless member in Toothy's alliance.
  • Paper Airplane may have a carrying capacity.