Who put these eliminated contestants on the planet? Ugh!

Prison Planet, sometimes known as the Moob Moon, is the place where the eliminated contestants go after they have been voted off of Object Overload. It is unknown if the planet is going to be used again in the reboot.



Dirt statues. You never known when you need them to be squished on.

Prison Planet is a dirt planet in space with craters. Apparently, everyone is able to stay alive here, so it may have oxygen like Earth.

In Branching Out, Lighter made small, crudely done dirt statues of Clock, Gamey, Melony, and Tissue possibly by insanity. Top Hat lands on the Gamey statue in Branching Out, destroying it, and Crayon steps and squishes the Melony statue in Lost and Found, saying that someday she would get revenge on her. It's unknown what happened to the Clock and Tissue statues.


Prison Planet was first seen in Set in Stone. Lighter, who was eliminated in the episode, lands on the planet. Lighter then reads the sign in front of him, which welcomes him to the planet. Lighter then kicks the sign, breaking it and making it float away. He made dirt statues of three contestants and the host off-screen.

In Branching Out, Top Hat arrives at the planet, landing on and squishing the Gamey statue in the process.

The planet wasn't seen in In Deeper Waters, but Disc was sent there.

It is unknown what happened to the Clock and Tissue statues, though Disc may have smashed into them off-screen.

In Lost and Found, due to a double elimination, Crayon and Tissue were eliminated, and were sent to the planet. After the credits, Crayon lands next to Disc, who welcomes her to the planet. Then, she comes up with a plan. Disc asks what was it. Crayon explains that sometime and someday that Team Time is going to have a "nice little surprise." She then walks up to the Melony statue and says that she will get the real Melony someday. Crayon proceeds to step on the Melony statue twice, squishing it.


Tissue impressively unwraps himself!

Tissue is then shown reading a red book entitled "Memories," showing how he (who is clean and happy) and Lighter used to be friends at once. In the book, Lighter then burns Tissue and crumbled him up, resulting his current look. After the scene where Tissue reads the book, he is shown unwadded, with a hole where Lighter burnt him. One of the pages fly out of Tissue's book, much to his surprise.

In the later episodes, Candy, Paper Airplane, Dusty, Soccer Ball, and Boxing Glove were sent here also.


  • There is a sign that says "WELCoME 2 Prison PlaneT," thus confirming the planet's name. Lighter kicks the sign, and was replaced with Disc once Disc was eliminated.